Smith Cove Yacht Club

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Smith Cove Yacht Club

Application for Membership

Membership in Smith Cove Yacht Club will enhance your boating pleasure.  Our club is devoted to promoting boating safety and protecting our natural resources.  SCYC is primarily a cruising club offering a variety of “on the water” activities throughout the boating season.

 SCYC is listed in the Yachting Club of America's Register of American Yacht Clubs offering reciprocity with an unlimited number of other yacht clubs in both New England and across the United States, wherever your travels may take you.

Application for membership must be voted on by the board of directors and requires sponsoring by two (2) current memberships in good standing.  Membership for the first year is probationary.  Renewal of 1st year memberships will be reviewed annually by the Board at it’s September meeting.  Any 1st year member whose membership is not renewed will be notified by the Commodore.  Dues for the coming year are due on October 1.  Members whose dues are delinquent will be removed from the membership.

We encourage all members to become involved in the Club.  Board meetings are open to all members and you are encouraged to attend and voice your opinion.

A check for $250.00 should accompany your membership application. This covers one year's dues including all Club mooring privileges and a 12" x 14" burgee.  Please add an additonal $5.00 if you would like a 16" x 24" burgee.

Any member elected to membership after August 15th in any calender year, will receive a fifty percent credit towards the dues payment in the following year.

Completed applications should be sent to: 
            Frank Skewes,  Treasurer SCYC,  21 North Edgewood Rd, Niantic, CT 06357


Name:  ____________________________________   E-Mail:  ________________________

Spouse or Partner Name: _________________________________________________

Primary Address:  ___________________________________________________________

 City:  ________________________________   State:  _____ Zip Code:  ________

Summer/Winter Address (if different):  ___________________________________________

 City:  ________________________________  State:  ____  Zip Code:  ______

Phone (for Club Directory): Home: ____________________   Mobile:  _____________________

Boat Name:  _______________________________________  Sail: _____  Power:  _____

LOA:  ____________________   Displacement:__________   Draft:___________

Freeboard:  ________  Beam:  ______  Cabin Height Above Deck:  ________

Marina Name and Location:  _________________________________________________


First Sponsoring Member:  ________________________________ 

Second Sponsoring Member:  ______________________________ 


Committee Service Preference (please indicate 3 in order of preference):

Audit      ___          Constitution & By-Laws   ___          Correspondence  ___      Web Site ___

Cruising  ___         Entertainment  ___            Club Assets  ___        Procurement ___

Membership ___         Newsletter ___            Nominating ___         Ship's Store  ___

The signing of the membership application by the candidate shall be an acceptance of the Smith Cove Yacht Club Constitution and Bylaws and all rules and regulations as promulgated by the Club and its Committees.

Signature: ______________________________       Date: _________________

Please mail completed application to:
           Frank Skewes,  Treasurer SCYC,  21 North Edgewood Rd., Niantic, CT 06357