Smith Cove Yacht Club

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General Mooring Regs
  1. Club members must carry their current year membership card, and fly the club burgee, at all times while on an SCYC mooring.
  2. Members picking up a SCYC mooring must be willing to raft, weather permitting, or must relinquish the mooring to any member who is willing to raft.  On Block Island, because of the exposed location and sudden weather changes, there will be a three-boat maximum raft on that mooring.
  3. The first member picking up an SCYC mooring is responsible for making decisions concerning inclement weather and the size of the raft.  Within the raft, the vessel with the heaviest displacement will have first option to keep the mooring tether aboard.  Good judgment and seamanship will apply.
  4. A mooring usage period is defined as up to a three-night stay.  The period starts at noon on the first day, and ends at noon on the last day.  Members making weekend reservations must specify the nights to be reserved.   At any time a three-night maximum stay is allowed before a member must relinquish the mooring (first-on, first-off) to another member who wishes to raft.  Guest rafting is NOT allowed.
  5. Members are requested to inform a club officer of any mooring abuses.  Full information should be given, including boat name, hailing port, and registration; owner's name and address; the dates involved.  Members should ask unauthorized users to vacate the mooring.  Assistance from the Harbormaster can be requested if a non-SCYC member refuses to leave the Block Island mooring.  Members who abuse the mooring rules are subject to loss of mooring privileges.  The Fleet Captain will bring all reported cases of abuse to the SCYC Board, with recommended action.  The Board will vote on the recommendation, and the Commodore will advise the member in writing.  The member may appeal the ruling by submitting a written request to the SCYC Board within fifteen (15) days.
General Mooring Regulations:

The SCYC maintains two moorings in the Niantic River for use by SCYC members and visiting yachtclub members. Limit on any mooring should not exceed three consecutive nights.

     Mooring # 68,  500 pounds (North)
            N 41 20.772
            W 72 10.716

     Mooring # 69,   500 pounds (South)
            N 41 20.639
            W 72 10.707

Block Island Mooring:

For information specific to the Block Island Mooring, refer to "BI Mooring Regs" tab